We are grateful for all of our students and friends who share yoga with us. It is always a great pleasure to serve you all on the yoga path.

We would love to hear from our past and present students who would like to write about their yoga experiences with us.

What did you think about our classes, retreats and workshops? What did you like about them? What could we improve? Did you feel inspired? What benefits did you receive?

Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you.

"You are beautiful people, warm and peaceful. Every lesson is a complete pleasure. At times I have left your lesson so at peace after the last relaxation bit. Love the new venue." - MB, Fethiye

"I'm very pleased to be able to tell you about my experience of yoga with Dee and Anthony. I notice I did not say "my experience attending yoga classes with you." I did not feel as though I was attending class but actually living the yoga experience with you both and the others. There seems to be an absence of ego, of the dividing hierarchical line between teacher and student. The environment of "we are all here together" removes the stress of expectations from us and we concentrate on the moment at hand. Now that is relaxing!

I have always been attracted to yoga but the couple of times I tried, I quickly became aware of the long, arduous road to achieve "the ability to do yoga." My experience with Yoga in Fethiye was different. The energy around me was relaxed so I could focus on sensing my body, becoming aware of it, and moving from taking it for granted to appreciating it as part of the whole along with heart and mind. I was always told breathing was important but never really understood why until now - I learned that I could stretch further without resistance just by breathing, and I am more conscious of the effect of my breathing on my body. That might sound strange but you know what I mean.

What you do in class with us you do subtly and naturally, and you intersperse your guidance with small gems of philosophy and reminders of our connection to our bodies and nature, and the universe - balance. I am doing yoga and it feels natural. I seem to have come a long way, yet I know that I am only at the very beginning of this journey. I carry what I acquired with me every day. I think this is down to who you both are and how you are. Thank you both." - KL

“Her şeyden önce sezgilerini kullanarak yönettiği derslerde Duygu; bilgi, deneyim ve öğretme yeteneğini, sorumluluk ve espriyle harmanlamaktadır. Öğrencilerini cesaretlendirmekte, tam zamanında ve yerinde kullandığı ifadelerle öğrencilerinin farkındalık seviyelerini yükseltmektedir. Duygu’nun verdiği güven sayesinde derslerden daha çok verim alabiliyorum. Uzun süre ara verdiğim yoga pratiğime geri dönmemi sağladığı için Duygu’ya minnettarım. Sevgilerimle…” - Filiz Utku Güler, Fethiye 

"I tried out many different yoga classes in Bristol and found Dee's to be the best. She is very warm, gentle and focused. She takes care to pay attention to everyone in a class and you quickly build a trust in her. Her humour, encouragement and sunny attitude make the classes all the more positive. Every class offers something new, whether it's a pose, sequence or direction for your mindfulness. Dee's understanding of everyone's abilities and potential is excellent, I feel motivated but not pressured in her classes. I always leave with so much peace in my heart, a supple and energised body and with a smile on my face." - Charlotte Micklewright - Bristol, UK

"I was student of Dee for more than one year in Bristol. Dee is a wonderful teacher, she is very careful with her students. Dee teaches you to recognize your own limits when you are doing the postures, to accept them with gratitude and even love them. On the other hand, she help you to develop healthily your physical potential, improving gradually your elasticity, gaining muscular relaxation and strength. My body is very delicate, and in the past, I used to injury myself when I tried to do yoga exercises. Dee's classes were magical. I could improve a lot my physical condition without injuries. Now, she is not living in Bristol and I miss her very much." - Maria Lopez - Bristol, UK

"When I moved to Bristol I was so pleased to find a yoga studio really close to where I live. I knew if it was somewhere further afield I might make excuses out of going! I met Dee and really liked her class. I found it was the right sort of level for me, and I really liked her care and attention to detail. She became more than just my yoga teacher, but my friend, sharing her wisdom and kindness. She was such an integral part of my yoga journey, and I'm very grateful to her." - Mel Ciavucco - Bristol, UK

"Benim otuz senelik kabizlik sorunuma hic bir doktor care bulamadi. Iki aydir yogaya gidiyorum ve kabizlik sorunum ortadan kalkti. Ben bunu yogaya ve Duygu hocama borcluyum. Kendimi cok iyi hissediyorum. Iyiki hayatimda yoga ve Duygu hocam var. Her ikisine de minnettarim. Ayrica beni yogayla tanistirdigi icin Duygu hocama cok tesekkur ediyorum. Benim gibi kabizlik sorunu olan herkese yogaya gitmelerini tavsiye ediyorum. Tesekkurler." - Semiha Kose - Fethiye, Turkey